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Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy

Physical Education

Braeview PE Twitter
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Braeview_PE : Great day the Dundee school sports. Some outstanding results well done to Gabby, Aimee, Josh and Dylan on their ind… https://t.co/NoQoVrl8pO
Jun 22, 2018 05:29 PM
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Braeview_PE : What a brilliant summer show, great to watch the talent our pupils have in expresseive arts #dance #drama #music https://t.co/UQFF7sk51g
Jun 21, 2018 02:32 PM
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Braeview_PE : Dundee school sports tomorrow - all pupils participating remember to hand in your consent form today. Tomorrow meet… https://t.co/CS1q5W0dEZ
Jun 21, 2018 08:11 AM
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Braeview_PE : Looking forward to seeing our new S1 cohort tomorrow, lots going on at lunchtime on Wednesday & Thursday in the dep… https://t.co/kQbj5WLTuL
Jun 12, 2018 08:23 PM
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Braeview_PE : Some more pictures from this afternoons training https://t.co/S7OuNA7T8a
Jun 12, 2018 04:08 PM

Principal Teacher:

                Mr Kenneth Clarkson

Department staff:

                Mrs Laura Seffen

                Mr Steven Cuthbert

                Mrs Jackie Telfer (PT Guidance)

                Mr Kiel Fuqua


Broad General Education

S1 – S3 Core PE

Learning through health and wellbeing enables children and young people to:

  • make informed decisions in order to improve their mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing
  • experience challenge and enjoyment
  • experience positive aspects of healthy living and activity for themselves
  • apply their mental, emotional, social and physical skills to pursue a healthy lifestyle
  • make a successful move to the next stage of education or work
  • establish a pattern of health and wellbeing which will be sustained into adult life, and which will help to promote the health and wellbeing of the next generation of Scottish children.


It also enables some to perform at high levels in sport or prepare for careers within the health and leisure industries.

The Health and Well-Being Experiences from HWB 3-01a to HWB 4-19a are the responsibility all adults who are working together to support the learning and development of children and young people. These will be addressed on an on-going basis in PE from S1 to S3

The following experience and outcome will also be addressed throughout all activities within the S1-3 PE curriculum:



HWB 3-25a                          I am experiencing enjoyment and achievement on a daily basis by taking part in different kinds of energetic physical activities of my choosing, including sport and opportunities for outdoor learning, available at my place of learning and in the wider community.

The following experiences and outcomes will be addressed throughout all activities within the S1- 3 curriculum, and also throughout all school sport and extra-curricular physical activities

HWB 2-26a/3-26a               I have investigated the role of sport and the opportunities it may offer me. I am able to access opportunities for participation in sport and the development of my performance in my place of learning and beyond.


HWB 4-26a                          I can explain the role of sport in cultural heritage and have explored the opportunities available for me to participate in school sport and sporting events. I make use of participation and performance pathways that allow me to continue and extend my sporting experience in my place of learning and beyond.


S3 Elective courses

Physical Education Elective & Dance and Aesthetics Elective

The aims of these courses are

                To develop pupil interest in Physical Education and dance 

                To improve physical performance in sport

                To know and understand the principles and concepts impacting on performance


Senior Phase

National 4 Physical Education

National 5 Physical Education

Higher Physical Education

Advanced Higher Physical Education

All of these courses have two mandatory units

Performance Skills :  Where pupils will have the opportunity to develop and safely demonstrate a range of simple and complex performance skills

Factors Impacting on Performance : Where pupils will explore, investigate and raise their awareness of factors which impact on participation and performance in physical activities.  The desired outcome will involve pupils investigating their own performance and embarking on a journey to improve their performance.