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Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy


Music is a creative subject that provides pupils with an opportunity to be expressive and experience a range of musical styles and cultures from around the world. Pupils are afforded the opportunity to learn a range of classroom instruments, as well as the possibility of further instrumental instruction on a wide variety of classical, rock and traditional instruments.

The aims of our courses are:

  • to listen to and experience a range of musical styles and culture, recognising key concepts from each style

  • to develop an understanding of musical signs and symbols and learn how to read and interpret musical literacy

  • to experience a wide range of classroom based instruments

  • to have personal choice of two instruments to develop more in depth skills

  • to provide access to a wide variety of rock, traditional and classical instrumental instruction, available for all pupils

  • to raise attainment through providing challenging and stimulating courses of study and extra-curricular experiences


Principal Teacher: Miss L O'Neill


Department staff: Mrs K Henderson


Instrumental Instructors:


Percussion                          Mr R Nicoll

Guitar                                  Mr L Osborne

Bagpipes                             Mr D Potter / Mr E Seaman

Brass                                  Mr B Sullivan  

Woodwind                          Mr D Maynes

Pipe Drums                       Mr S Graham


Broad General Education

The S1 – S3 Curriculum focuses on developing skills for all pupils in performing, composing and understanding music. In S1, all pupils experience practical lessons in keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, tuned percussion, drums, singing and ukulele with a view to developing concentrated skills on two instruments throughout S2 and S3. The curriculum covers a wide variety of topics ranging from instruments of the orchestra, Scottish music, World Music, Pop Music and Music Technology. Pupils will develop understanding music skills and composition skills based around these topics and this is supported by regularly being issued topic related homework to further support their learning.

All pupils are able to access individual lessons in piano/strings, guitar, percussion, bagpipes, woodwind and brass taught by our specialist music instructors. Pupils also have the opportunity to participate in the wide range of extra-curricular activities that are run during lunchtimes in the department and whole school performances and events.


Senior Phase

The S4-6 Curriculum is focused on the development of knowledge and understanding from National 3 to Advanced Higher concepts and the development of practical skills on two instruments. Each level is separated into topic areas relating to the concepts outlined in SQA documents. Within each topic there is learning pertaining to each of the skills areas and related homework tasks. A number of pupils receive lessons from the Instrumental Instructors and pupils are also expected to be active in the department by participating in extra-curricular groups and regularly use the facilities available for additional practice opportunities.