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Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy


The broad curricular aims of the English Department are to: increase pupils’ skills in literacy; develop pupils’ skills in evaluation, analysis, investigation and discussion in order that they become effective contributors and confident individuals; and improve the skills necessary for pupils to become successful and reflective learners.

Principal Teacher:        Mr. J. Dale

Departmental Staff:    Miss H. Ferguson

                                    Mrs. Houghton

                                    Miss Morrow

                                    Miss Walker

                                    Miss B Hallgarth

Broad General Education

The S1-3 course covers a range of texts and topics which build on prior skills. Pupils improve their skills in Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening through exposure to a variety of texts of literary worth and merit incorporating prose, poetry, drama and digital media. Pupils undertake a range of activities to satisfy the ‘Outcomes and Experiences’ of the Curriculum for Excellence. The Broad General Education provides a platform for pupils to progress to the courses within the Senior Phase.


Senior Phase

There are four main courses in the Senior Phase:

National 3 English

National 4 English

National 5 English

Higher English

Each course involves pupils: analysing and evaluating a variety of texts; and creating and producing written and oral work.