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Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy

Business Studies

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The Business Studies Department aims:

  • to recognise every pupil as an individual with their own unique abilities and talents.

  • to provide every pupil with enterprising experiences.

  • to provide each pupil with the ICT skills necessary to be employable within today’s rapidly changing society.

  • to ensure pupils achieve academically through excellent teaching and supported study.

Principal Teacher: Miss Louise Adam

Department staff: Miss Claire Dodd

Broad General Education

Courses offered from S1-S3 aim to provide pupils with an overview of business related topics, ICT and enterprise.  We try to bring these experiences to life through a variety of enterprise projects and a trip to the Coca-Cola Factory.  Pupils are encouraged through teamwork to come up with their own business ideas and present these to others using ICT.

Senior Phase

Pupils from S4-S6 can choose from Administration and IT or Business Management.  The department also offers Accounting where there is sufficient demand.  All of these course are offered at N4, N5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Business Management is aimed at young people who either wish to run their own business or who wish to attain a promoted, management role within their chosen career.  The course covers business organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors.  Topics covered include marketing, human resources, finance and operations.

Administration and IT is a wide-ranging course aimed at young people whose chosen career will require a knowledge of ICT.  Pupils learn how to create business documents using MS Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.  They will also gain experience of how businesses use up-to-date methods of communication such as e-mail, e-diaries and social media.  The qualifications gained from this course also make it possible to get a job straight after leaving school as a trainee administrator.

The SQA Personal Finance Award SCQF Level 4

Financial Education in schools is now widely recognised as an important and necessary life skill for young people.  By undertaking this course, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to confidently cope with the everyday financial issues encountered by young adults.  This course is aimed at pupils aged 16-18 and is ideal for those who enjoy courses that are practical and relevant to real-life. The 2 units of study are Money Management and Principles of Money.