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Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy


As a department we aim to provide pupils with a motivating and stimulating environment in which to experience a number of disciplines as well as gain essential skills in the basics of drawing and media handling.

Pupils will be able to explore a wide range of two and three dimensional practical activities, and create, express, and communicate ideas. Their studies of the works of artists and designers should enhance their enjoyment and deepen their knowledge and understanding.

The Art & Design staff is committed to ensuring that every pupil who comes to the department fulfils his/her potential in the subject and leaves with life skills enhanced.


Principal Teacher: Mrs Jill Macfarlane (Acting)

Department staff: Mrs H Ritch


Broad General Education

In the lower school, pupils follow a Broad General Education in line with the principles of Curriculum for Excellence, developing confidence in Expressive, Design and Critical work.

The subject naturally cultivates several important aspects, particularly critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, evaluating and decision-making.

Pupils from S1 to S3 will have the opportunity to develop their basic drawing skills as well as enhance their problem solving and analytical skills during exciting and innovative projects in the Art and Design department while covering the Experiences and Outcomes through interesting and unique lessons. The course is designed with Art and Design History as an integral part of the curriculum.

Senior Phase

On this course pupils will learn to use their knowledge, understanding and skills of investigation to research, develop and problem solve through both Design and Expressive activities. Learners are also encouraged to explore the possibilities of using technologies creatively when researching and developing two and/or three dimensional ideas. Units of work can range from jewellery or textile design to still life and portraiture.

Alongside each unit, a study and analysis of related designers and artists is undertaken. Creative use of sketchbooks is a new key aspect of the Senior Phase. This course allows learners to become creative thinkers and independent learners.