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Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy
Welcome to Braeview Academy

What's been happening at Braeview Academy

What's been happening at Braeview Academy


Dear Parents and carers,

Welcome to the Head Teacher update on what has been happening at Braeview Academy.  This term has been very busy for our pupils, staff and our education partners.

In August the school welcomed 131 new S1s.  Since then, Guidance Teachers have taken the opportunity to meet with parents to welcome them to the school and to discuss how well their children have settled in. This Wednesday parents and carers will meet with their child’s subject teachers at the S1 Parent Contact Evening. This Parent’s Evening will also include a family learning session for parents on Growth Mind-set, delivered by Jamie McBrearty, Dundee’s Growth Mind-set Manager. (See the school website for more details).

The new draft School Improvement Plan has been established and is available on the school website for consultation with parents, carers, and community education partners. This one-year plan details school improvements planned for session 2017-18. The aims of our plan includes providing opportunities for pupils to improve their literacy, numeracy and health, wellbeing and increasing the number of opportunities our pupils have to develop employability skills and undertake experiences in the workplace. This year there is also a special focus on mental and emotional wellbeing and adopting a growth mind-set, or   “can do” attitude to learning and achievement. Your comments and suggestions for the plan are most welcome and you can feed these into the school via the Parent Council or by emailing the school or contacting me directly, by telephone.

This year has seen more improvements in the National Qualifications gained by our pupils in S4, S5 and S6, with an increase in the numbers of our pupils gaining National 5 and Higher Grades.

57 Prefects from S5 and S6 were appointed at the start of term, the Senior Prefect Team comprised of Head Boy Darius Smith, Head Girl Caitlyn Rose, Deputy Head Boy Jordan Burnett, and Deputy Head Girl Brooke Denyer coordinates their supervision duties around the school.

 The junior and senior Pupil Councils, comprised of representatives from all year groups, have been established. Both groups have already met to start discussion on how pupils can work with school staff to improve the school.

The first meeting of the Parent Council took place in September. The new Chairperson Lorna Thomson took up post, as did the new Vice Chair Shona Sneddon and the Finance secretary Shannon Devasahayam.  The next meeting is on 22 November at 6pm. The school really values the views and input of parents and carers at Parent Council. Come along to the next meeting if you can.

During the last week in August S4 pupils went out the work place to undertake a week’s work experience. September saw the Fresher’s fair, which introduced all pupils to the huge number and variety of clubs and activities available in school and in the community in the evenings and at weekends. Pupils embarked on the Lift -Off Programme, designed to support young people who might wish to move onto further study at university and a group of seniors had a fantastic experience on an exchange trip to Clermont-Ferrand in France, as part of our link with Michelin.

The Anne Frank Exhibition, designed to inform young people about the evil repercussions of hatred, prejudice and discrimination, visited the school. A film crew attended the school and several of our pupil guides were seen on the STV news, showing pupils, parents, carers and guests the photographs and documents and telling the story of Anne and her family.

Ms L Elder                                                                                                            Headteacher